Date: Feb 6, 2024

Location: Indianapolis, IN, US, 46205

Organization: HHC

Quality Review Nurse Specialist

Job Role Summary

Assists the Vice President of Long Term Care and other department personnel in the review and analysis of care and services provided by HHC owned nursing homes and licensed residential facilities. Performs on site and office review of various clinical resident care services and nursing management operations at the long term care facilities and prepares related reports for the long term care department, individual facilities and the contract management company. Assists in the analysis of various aspects of nursing home operations using professional standards of practice and industry benchmarks and in the preparation of reports for the HHC Board of Directors' Planning Committee. This position is responsible for promoting health and wellbeing of long term care residents of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County nursing facilities by promoting preventive, therapeutic, and supportive care based on standards of practice and in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Associated Job Duties

Responsibility 1: 70%

  •  Performs quality review oversight visits to HHC owned nursing homes and retirement communities as assigned.  May serve as a member of a quality review team or at times may visit assigned facilities as the sole representative from the HHC Long Term Care Department.  Maintains a professional and supportive role when interacting with the nursing home and licensed residential facility staff providing helpful observations and suggestions.
  •  Performs various auditing/review activities during the site visits including but not limited to:  medication administration observations, wound care and treatment administration, personal care services, meal service, clinical record reviews and review of nursing management records.  At times may assist the other members of the quality review team to complete their assigned tasks.  
  •  Participates in the exit conferences held with facility management and the quality reviewers and provides summary information regarding significant observations during the facility visit including specific resident and employee identification when possible.  When requested, participates in taking notes at the exit conference for exit conference reports. 
  •  Prepares a written site visit report following each facility visit in cooperation with other quality review team members who participated in the facility visit.  Reviews report for accuracy, and clarity.  Distributes reports in a confidential manner to all parties and maintains HHC records.
  •  Assures the retention and confidentiality of all data materials from facility visits and forwards to the department Executive Assistant for proper storage/retention.

Responsibility 2: 30%

  •  Participates in the compilation and completion of quarterly and other reports prepared for the HHC Board of Directors’ Planning Committee.
  •  Assists in the completion and follow up of any requests or directives resulting form the Planning Committee meetings as assigned.
  •  Accepts phone calls from residents, family members and interested parties in the absence of other Long Term Care Department staff or as assigned.  
  •  Attends community and professional association functions and meetings representing HHC Long Term Care division as requested.
  •  Assists in development of departmental policies, procedures and forms for use in the departmental functions. 
  •  In the absence of the Executive Assistant, makes travel arrangements/reservations for department staff conducting out of town facility site visits.


  • Graduate of an approved school of nursing (diploma, associate or B.S. degree)
  •  Licensed Registered Nurse (Indiana)
  •  Valid Indiana Driver’s license
  •  Access to own vehicle and current automobile insurance
  •  5 – 10 years of previous experience in long term care in a nursing management role.
  •  Knowledge of local/State/Federal laws and regulations applicable to state licensure of nursing homes and residential nursing facilities, federal regulations for skilled nursing homes and participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs, communicable disease control, and other applicable long term care requirements.

Licenses/Certifications Required

Licensed Registered Nurse (Indiana)
 Valid Indiana Driver’s license

Working Environment

Contacts – Internal / External:

  •  Department Staff
  •  Organization-wide Staff
  •  Senior Management
  •  Management Company Staff
  •  Vendors - Suppliers
  •  Clients/Customer
  •  Government Agencies

Mental / Visual / Physical Strain:

  •  Unconfined sitting 75%
  •  Confined sitting 15%
  •  Standing or walking 10%
  •  Steady use of hands or fingers – Typing and filing 85%
  •  Lift, carry, etc. with arms and legs – Carrying small boxes to meetings 15%
  •  Ability to perform driving functions in normal course of work day with confined sitting for several hours at times.

Quality Review Nurse Specialist

Nearest Major Market: Indianapolis