Date: Nov 10, 2022

Location: Indianapolis, IN, US, 46254

Organization: HHC

Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is an organization that celebrates diversity, and seeks to employ a diverse workforce.  We actively encourage all individuals to apply for employment and to seek advancement opportunities.  Indianapolis EMS also provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities as required by law.  For additional questions please contact us at 317-630-7427 or

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Job Role Summary

The IS Support Service Desk Supervisor is responsible for the delivery and continual improvement of all first contact (Tier 1) customer support services pertaining to Information Services. The work scope of the Service Desk mission extends across all IEMS services and systems utilized by customers, staff, associates, and partners. In addition to providing the following roles:
•    Serves as first contact issue reporting and support  
•    Serves as the primary coordinating point for communications between customers/users and Information Services regarding support issues 
Within this scope the Information Technology Support Service Desk Supervisor ensures that:
•    All Tier 1 support services are delivered in a consistent fashion and follow defined IEMS processes
•    Support issues are appropriately prioritized using defined IEMS algorithms
•    Every effort is made to minimize the impact of service interruptions and degradations
•    Issues not resolvable at Tier 1 are quickly escalated to the correct team point with sufficient information to enable resolution
•    Customers are provided with accurate, up-to-date information regarding support issues, regardless of the team handling the issue
•    Service Desk resolution times and rates continually improve with evidence from ticketing reports
•    All Service Desk support encounters are documented within the IEMS platform
•    Service access is not impeded because of end-user device issue
The IS Support Service Desk Supervisor performs these functions guided by recognized, process-based, best practices for information technology service management and is charged with driving these methodologies into all operations, administration, and management of and in cultural alignment with the programs and divisions of Eskenazi Health.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

•    Supervises Service Desk staff, schedules, timecards, and tools
•    Recruits, interviews, hires, and trains/mentors new team members
•    Conduct Staff Annual appraisal reviews and Goal settings.
•    Conducts all staff disciplinary actions required.
•    Trains and mentors, all Service Desk frontline staff. on new policies and Operational procedures.
•    Conducts weekly Team Huddle meetings, with Service Desk frontline staff, Departmental and Organizational updates.
•    Organizes the Service Desk to ensure effective response to critical issues on a Monday through Friday Business hours schedule
•    Identifies team skill needs and gaps
•    Creates and carries out team/staff development plans
•    Regularly reviews phone and incident logs to ensure real-time awareness of Service Desk staff performance and productivity
•    Facilitates team continual improvement activities to continually improve resolution rates, times, and customer satisfaction
•    Resolves customers satisfaction issues relating to Service Desk performance
•    Coordinates support-related communications with other Information Services teams to provide a “single point of contact” (inbound and outbound) between customers/users and the Information Services organization around day-to-day needs
•    Works collaboratively with other Operations and Information Services leaders to strengthen the overall performance of IEMS information services and to build service management capabilities
•    Works in concert with the Manager, Access Provisioning and Testing to coordinate and provide all testing of all applications prior to production deployment. 

Job Requirements

•    Associate degree in a related engineering field, or the equivalent in other experience and/or certification 
•    Intermediate ITIL/ITSM certification recommended
•    Three years of experience in a healthcare organization applying service management principles
•    Progressive management experience
•    Operational and project management experience helpful
•    Valid Indiana driver’s license that meets the IEMS driving policy requirements
•    Interpersonal skills and a customer service understanding. Ability to communicate and exchange information. Willingness to work as part of a team in a dynamic and complex environment. Ability to work with a variety of people with varying degrees of technical and/or clinical knowledge

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

•    Ability to drive consistently effective handling of emergent situations through the use of defined processes.  The incumbent will have the ability to help staff utilize strong processes to respond rather than react to difficult situations.
•    Ability to direct and continually improve system-wide support services capable of meeting the needs of diverse user communities.  The incumbent will fundamentally have a “service mentality” and be well versed in the design and operation of effective services.
•    Ability to productively engage support customers and stakeholders at all levels of the organization to understand and address support challenges.  The incumbent will be able to understand and integrate needs from stakeholders at all levels in the organization, especially in situations made difficult by service failures and degradations.
•    Ability to cultivate, utilize, and improve data relevant to support outcomes.  The incumbent will understand and be able to guide development of processes and supporting tooling which support generation 
•    Ability to prioritize allocations of team resources across multiple locations and work environments.  The incumbent will have the ability to assess a broad field of needs distributed across the health system and assign resources to maximize overall benefit.
•    Ability to drive consistent service performance.  The incumbent will have the ability to ensure that Service Desk teams consistently utilize standard operating procedures and defined processes as a means of safeguarding service levels.
•    Awareness of current end-point computing strategies and technologies.  The incumbent will have a strong familiarity with current and emerging healthcare industry strategies for Service Desk support.
•    Ability to direct staff to deliver consistent performance across a range of technologies in support of health system needs.  The incumbent will fundamentally have a “service mentality” and will and be well versed in operations management best practices.
•    Ability to use defined service levels, emergent situations, and project objectives to understand needs and guide management effort.  The incumbent will be able to understand and integrate needs and requirements from stakeholders at different levels in the organization.
•    Ability to cultivate, utilize, and improve data relevant to Desktop and End-Point Computing team productivity and quality.  The incumbent will understand and be able to guide development of processes and supporting tooling which support generation of useful data.  The incumbent will also understand and be experienced in using data to gauge performance, structure meetings, drive management interactions, support recommendations, and to guide decisions.

It is Indianapolis EMS’ philosophy and policy to treat employees and applicants fairly and without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status or physical or mental ability.  Discrimination against any employee or applicant based on any of these conditions will not be allowed or tolerated.  For additional questions please contact us at 317-630-7427 or

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